The birth of the brewery.

In early 2018, on a snowy Saturday, a bunch of friends found themselves in the garage of one of them, and it was the first brew of the beer called at the time, by these amateur brewers, the Grizzly.

After 18 months of trial and error, a successful recipe finally emerged. Olivier, one of the amateur brewers, decided to market this beer, L’Oubéwé was born.

L’Oubéwé ?

The Oubéwé brewery is an innovative concept. It is the smallest brewery in Belgium, on wheels, which therefore moves around within various events, village festivals and private events.

The Oubéwé is an acronym, that of a region of Wallonia, which corresponds to the West of Walloon Brabant (Ouest du Brabant Wallon).

Its seven communes are Rebecq, Tubize, Ittre, Braine le Château, Waterloo, Braine-l’Alleud and Nivelles.

They have a total of 130,000 inhabitants.

Of course, there are already a few breweries in some of these communes, but they are few in number.

The Oubéwé brewery being a travelling brewery, it is THE brewery of the villages in the west of the BW which do not have one.  And in the towns that do have one, it is a brewery in addition…

Not only can visitors watch a live brew, but they can also taste a beer identical to the one brewed right before their eyes. Come and (re)discover its pretty pale green terrace where it feels good !

Our products and services.

In the section “Services/Products” of this site, you will discover the presentation of the beers of our range.  But you will also see the other products of our brewery, as well as the services we offer.

All the beers of the Oubéwé brewery are called “… de l’Oubéwé “. When the brewery was founded in September 2018, there was only one beer in the Oubéwé range: the Triple. Since December 2020, the second beer in our range has appeared: L’Aypihée de l’Oubéwé.

Discover the specificities of these beers in the “Services/Products” section.

From 2021, we will work on a third recipe. But for the time being, we are keeping these projects secret for the time being. We have decided not to divulge anything… Who will live to see…

Next to the beers, there are gift baskets and books.  You will find original gift ideas, or books to better understand our brewing past.  These books are written by the brewer, in collaboration with a historian.

Finally, there are the services offered by the Oubéwé brewery. Our brewery is different from the others because it is mobile and educational.  We come to your home to teach you how to make beer yourself. There’s nothing like participating to master the steps in the making of a beer.  We rent out the mobile brewery bar, organise team-building events and private recreational activities.