Our beers

La Triple de l’Oubéwé

Triple is a triple beer with character, born in Tubize, from the passion of friends around brews.

Triple is a traditional beer, with only four ingredients.  As indicated on its label, it complies with the law of purity of beer, reinheitsgebote, which only admits 4 ingredients in beer: water, malt, hops and yeast.

A mixture of tris malts was used, including Biscuit Malt, which gives the characteristic colour of our Triple.    The principle of the triple is the use of large quantities of grain. The brewer is confronted with a very simple principle: the more grains he uses, the more alcohol he gets.  Thus, the triple has an alcohol level of 8.

It is a Blonde beer, slightly amber, with small bubbles.  This small release of gas makes the beer very digestible. As is the case with many traditional beers, there is no gas or other substances in the beer.  So don’t expect a very generous foam neck.

The first taste that arrives on the palate is that of the grain.  The bitterness, obtained thanks to hops, appears in the second mouth.  It is therefore a very sweet beer. This balance between the taste of the grain and the taste of the hops is due to the mixture of two hops, including Cascade.

L’Aypihée de l’Oubéwé

As its name suggests, Aypihea is an API.  API pronounced in the American style, and transcribed phonetically.

APIs, or Indian Pale Ale, are strongly hopped beers.  Their origin dates back to the 18th century, when the English wanted to export their beer to the colonies in India.  In order to preserve the beer during the crossing, hops, a natural preservative, had to be added.

Like its big sister, La triple de l’Oubéwé, Aypihée de l’Oubéwé is an artisanal beer with only four ingredients.  : Water, malt, hops and yeast.

A mixture of several malts has been used, which gives the characteristic brown colour of this beer.

The choice of hops, and their use in large quantities, allowed this bitterness to be brought to the fore, making it possible to classify this beer as an IPA.  The first taste that arrives on the palate is indeed that of hops.

It remains for us to talk about the olfactory side of this beer.  Smell it before tasting it, you will be surprised by its aroma.

The third of the Oubéwé

This beer is not yet on the market, its recipe will be determined in our laboratory, but the Covid period is delaying these tests, since we avoid brewing in groups in this relatively small space.

The name of this beer remains as confidential as ever.  At most, we can already tell you that it will be called … de l’Oubéwé.